The One In The Dirty Trenchcoat

  • me: spn kinda sucks
  • person outside fandom: spn kinda sucks
  • me: how dare you


Dean: Ugh! I can’t believe I left my clothes…I liked that jacket…

Sam: Dean! Dean! Are you okay?! I was really worried and I felt so bad I’m sor -

Dean: It was just a bad day Sammy. It’s okay. … ‘Sides, I went home with this gorgeous woman - huuuuge brea -

Sam: Okay,get your dirty sex hands off of me. … Better get to the hangar or Bobby’ll have your head!

Benny: You slept with him, didn’t you?

Dean: No, WORSE. I cried and told him too much and he fuckin’ spooned me in his sleep and he doesn’t remember it and I fuckin’ made him breakfast and shit. Benny, I think I love him.

Benny: Oh, you poor soul.


dean is just a big loser

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SPN - Centuries

Basically it’s just a bunch of awesome clips of the boys (carefully) thrown together to an awesome song in celebration of Supernatural being on FOR A FREAKING DECADE WHAT

Tumblr upload for Germans

I fucking love the shit out of this.Its so fucking badass and awesome.

And then it ended. 

And I saw this.

I can’t